Wize Kaizz

About Wize Kaizz

Wize Kaizz was born on March 17th, 1994 in Dearborn County, Indiana. Growing up listening to and idolizing music, Wize Kaizz knew he wanted to be a musician.

Wize Kaizz started to rap in 2019. debuted with the release of the single, "Here's to Us" (Produced by Opium Lights) followed by "The Grind" (Produced by Eleven Empire Beats) and his latest release, "Prisoner to my Mind". With his latest release, he was truly able to show off his talent by engineering the entire track on his own.

Wize Kaizz's music is best defined as somewhere between raw underground Hip-Hop, Emo, and Alternative Rap with piano-based beats layered with deep and thought-provoking lyrics. Despite his short time in the rap game, Wize Kaizz has made himself quite at home as a rapper. Having a truly unique vocal delivery and being unashamed to talk about personal topics that other rappers might have stayed away from.

With a plethora of talent, writing, producing, recording, and the ability to play a variety of instruments, Wize Kaizz has the whole world at his fingertips and has shown he is the very definition of a true artist.

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